The Pommery Champagne Bar, Signet Library

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Oscar Wilde once said "Only people with no imagination can't find a good reason to drink champagne." My boss mentioned the pop-up champagne bar at the Signet Library after visiting it (during the Festival season) and I felt absolutely no need to stretch my imagination to find a reason to visit this place. Luckily, I exercised some judgement and chose to book in advance for a lunchtime session. The long queue of people, without a reservation and waiting for a table, confirmed this was a very good idea!

The Pommery Bar is now a regular feature during the Edinburgh Festival season and pops up inside the beautiful Signet library. The area surrounding the library is a quiet oasis in the midst of festival mayhem. Whilst you can choose to go for a decant champagne afternoon tea, Ed and I preferred a seafood platter and lots of bubbly. I'm no champagne aficionado so the idea of a champagne tasting menu to help choose the prefect glass of bubbly sounded good.

The table service was impeccable and our waiter seemed very knowledgeable about champagne. The seafood portions were small but that just meant we had room for dessert! I *loved* the light-filled decadent yet friendly ambience of the place!

We stopped by the pop-up shop selling individual mini champagne bottles and artisan chocolates for a quick tasting session followed by a chocolatey purchase before we headed out.

Despite its  luxurious feel, the Pommery Bar is actually quite a laid back place and so I dressed purely for comfort. The weather was glorious albeit a tiny bit cold and I kept warm in my super-comfy Isabel Marant sweatshirt. My New Balance trainers have been walking almost every day for months on end and were my footwear of choice for trundling up the Royal Mile. 

We wandered around taking in the last week of the festival (separate post to follow) before heading to McEwan Hall to watch the Soweto Singers. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and the Pommery Bar session was definitely a highlight. 

Have you discovered somewhere special recently? Ann x

Wearing: Isabel Marant Etoile sweater, American Apparel boob tube, New Balance trainers, Longchamp Le Pliage bag and Christian Dior sunglasses.

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