A Scottish Summer

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Time, like most things, feels most precious when there is very little of it. We are into the thick of Autumn here in Scotland but it felt remiss to not find a slither of space in my manic schedule and reflect on the *amazing* summer we've had, both in and for Scotland, and for us personally. Summer is undoubtedly an amazing time to explore Scotland but this year was even more special as the country hosted the Commonwealth Games. It was also a very interesting time from a political perspective with the country gearing up for the referendum. Here are a few snapshots of our first and incredible summer in Scotland.

We are still very much in the honeymoon phase of our stay in Scotland and hopefully that phase will stay. After the road trip  around the Highlands in Spring, we spent summer exploring more of the West Coast ( Loch Lomond, Loch Long, Inverary, Loch Fyne and around Oban and Kilmartin) and nearby places such as St. Andrews and Glasgow. The Glasgow Commonwealth Games were another highlight and we were grateful for being able to watch some of it live, thanks to Ed planning in advance. I haven't written much about Glasgow (yet) but it really is an amazing city. As an outsider, I tend to rise above the silly rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and appreciate both for their unique strengths.

A summer in Edinburgh would not be summer without the festival and Tattoo. We were in the midst of moving house ( for the second time in six months!) and adapting to our relatively new jobs,  so it was an incredibly busy time. However, we organised ourselves, bought a 'Friends of the Fringe' ticket and went to a fair few shows. They were all wildly different but all an amazing showcase of talent from around the world. My absolute favourite was the musical version of 'Sunshine on Leith', a very Edinburgh, sorry Leith, centric story. 'Siddharta the Musical' and the 'Soweto Spiritual Singers' were also super and well worth checking out.

Hope you've all had a lovely summer too! Ann x

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