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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Friends and readers have often asked me if I have an overflowing wardrobe. The answer is no, I am constantly editing and refining my wardrobe in keeping with my evolving style. Ever since the move to Edinburgh, we've had a open wardrobe system which has helped with this editing. The first flat we rented had a floor to ceiling clothes rail so *everything* was on display. As I could *see* all my clothes, I started using my wardrobe much more effectively. Our current flat has a nicer feature, an additional room attached to our main bedroom which felt like it was crying out to be a dressing room. It is just over two months since we've moved in to the flat and the room is still a work in progress but I wanted to share what it currently looks like.

My wardrobe is an eclectic collection of good quality building blocks (white cotton shirts and t-shirts, silk shirts and t-shirts), a small collection of skirts/trousers and dresses, plus a handful of special items sourced from vintage/charity shops, designer and designer collaborations. My wardrobe choices, whilst sometimes whimsical and quirky, include good tailoring and bright colours, all put together with some moderation. I love oversized shapes, tongue-in-cheek designs, metallics and bright colours.

Inside Fashion Blogger Wardrobe 3

My clothes are a mix of high street (Cos, H&M, Zara, Uniqlo) and designer ( Isabel Marant, Alice Temperley, Theory etc.) items.  My accessories are much more widespread  with silk scarves from Moschino, Hermes, Valentino, jewellery from our travels all over the world as well as Bottica and Etsy, bags and shoes from Longchamp (I love them!) Mulberry, Ash, Bloch, Charlotte Olympia, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade and Louboutin). I am eternally grateful to Net-a-Porter sales, flash sale sites such as BrandAlley and Vente Privee, TKMaxx and charity shops (!!) for being able to afford most of my wardrobe. Most of my wardrobe was bought at over 60-80% off marked prices!!

Inside Fashion Blogger Wardrobe 4

I bought a mannequin off eBay a few years ago (for craft and sewing) and it had been a great addition to my little dressing room. It currently wears a tulle skirt and a few hats. The room also has bits of craft, art and fashion books. I am trying to create a space that inspires me in the morning and somewhere I can go to chill out after a stressful day.

Inside Fashion Blogger Wardrobe 5
Inside Fashion Blogger Wardrobe 6

I like displaying some of my favourite wardrobe items on rotation as it's a shame to have them hidden away. Brooches, a couple of bags ( currently it is my Margiela Candy Clutch and Lulu Guinness Lips Bag) and a favourite pair of shoe or two (currently vintage Vivier and Charlotte Olympia) are currently adding cheer to this space. I also use Orla Kiely and Net-a-Porter boxes to store jewellery and other accessories.

Inside Fashion Blogger Wardrobe 6

I use clear storage boxes to store most of my shoes, except those whose boxes add value ( mostly the designer ones). Also, I've used a coat rack to hang my handbags for years (in their covers) except for a couple of display/utility ones. I use a few clear plastic boxes and a couple of vacuum bags to store out of season clothing and my woolly jumpers. As an added precaution, there are a number of moth-repellent lavender sachets all over the place. 

Inside Fashion Blogger Wardrobe 7

And, I am constantly travelling and living out of a suitcase  so a nearly-ready suitcase always lives in the room. Whilst travelling, I choose multi-tasking wardrobe items that I can mix and match so i don't need to carry much more than a small suitcase even when if I'm away all week. As an aside, one of my pet peeves is seeing people put used shoes straight into their suitcases ( it drives me nuts!). I am always carrying shoes in their bags and if they don't have bags, I use canvas totes instead.

Finally, I am still on the journey to a proper capsule wardrobe so the next time I do a wardrobe update, I'm hoping there will be fewer items in there.  I'd love to hear how you manage your wardrobes and any tips you may have! Ann x

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  1. Oooh what a lovely post - I love all the different fabrics, textiles and colours and your wardrobe is so pretty and well organised as well as being super chic - love it

    Laura x


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