Rosslyn Chapel and Castle

Monday, 23 February 2015

Few places inspire the same deep sense of mystery as Rosslyn Chapel. Those who that have either read the Da Vinci code or watched the movie will recognise the name, as it was key to the mystery that the protagonist of the story was trying to solve. One Sunday morning, Ed and I decided to head out to Roslin village  to explore the area and find some more clues to the location of the Holy Grail!


The chapel wasn't open when we got there so we decided to go for a wee wander around the area. There a number of walking routes here, some of which are quite steep. We weren't bothered about working up a sweat and instead ambled across to the old ruins of Rosslyn Castle. The castle looms at a strategic height over the River Esk which presumably would have been advantageous to keep an eye on, and subdue, enemy forces. Part of the old castle has been discreetly renovated and is now a pet friendly B&B.

After a bit of wandering in the cold, we headed back to the chapel area for a quick lunch followed by exploration of the chapel. Photography is prohibited inside the chapel so there are no mysterious images of strange creatures to share. But there were plenty of mysterious carvings and sculptures densely packed within the small chapel. The inside of the chapel is exquisitely beautiful with many intricate carvings and stained glass paintings. The ceiling of the chapel is particularly stunning! I found the guide booklet to the chapel very helpful in deciphering the various crpytic symbols and sculptures.

After reading through the guide and working our way across the inside of the chapel, we stepped outside to wonder at more structures and carvings that surrounded it. There are guides and interactive things too, to try and engage those who are inclined to learn more about the place. The view of the snow covered Pentland hills from across the chapel adds to it's beauty and mystique.

There is more to see and do around Roslin village itself, including the Roslin Institute where Dolly the Sheep was cloned, the first mammal to be cloned. I'd forgotten about Dolly until our visit to Roslin and it reminded me yet again that Edinburgh truly is an intellectual hotbed!

Have you been anywhere mysterious recently? Do share! Ann x

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