Scottish Borders: Melrose Abbey and Around

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Melrose Abbey Views

After yet another large dose of busyness with work and life, we decided to spend Easter Monday chilling out and exploring a bit more of Scotland. I think we've done rather well with Scottish travel over the last year, having visited the Highlands, the North West, the West Coast, the Inner Hebrides and the Outer Hebrides and of course lots of Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Scottish Borders seemed close enough to explore on day trips and a visit to Peebles, Selkirk and Melrose seemed like a good plan.

Melrose Abbey Window

Peebles is pretty and idyllic town with lovely scenery. We went to nearby Kalzie Gardens for lunch which we thoroughly enjoyed. You can catch glimpses of this on my Instagram. We stopped by Selkirk briefly as well as Sir Walter Scott's favourite viewing point before heading to Melrose Abbey. I've wanted to visit Melrose Abbey for  a long while. After having read about its stunning architecture, rich history and mysterious sculptures, the visit did not fail to disappoint.

Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey has a long and unique history. The Cistercian monks who founded it 1136 subscribed to a rather austere form of life which mainly consisted of prayer, labour and very simple living. As the monastery grew in power, their sphere of influenced widened and so did their activities. In its heyday, the monastery had a thriving farm and a strong order of lay monks who provided labour. The monks also got paid to pray for their rich patrons in order to reduce their sins and secure them a place in heaven.

Melrose Abbey
Melrose Abbey  Robert The Bruce Heart

The abbey was attacked and re-built during the course of its history with Robert the Bruce being one of its most famous benefactors. Robert Bruce's heart is said to be buried within the abbey grounds and one such heart was discovered in a casket in 1926. Whilst there is no way of proving this is his heart, it seems highly likely given the history.

Melrose Abbey Gargoyle

Melrose town was built around the abbey and is a delightful place with some amazing antique and vintage stores. My favourite was the The Whole Lot where I bought a delicate set of 1920s china for a bargain price. The abbey, town and the shops in it are all well worth exploring.

Hermes Jardin Sur Le Toit Scarf

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. Ann x

Wearing: Maje blazer, Hermes scarf, Petit Bateau jumper, (all tres French)  old Levis and Ash boots.
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