A Journey Across Italy with Birra Moretti and La Favorita

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I've confessed my love for Italy many times over on this blog. It must come as no surprise then that I was particularly excited at the prospect of spending an evening at Birra Moretti's Gran Tour pop-up in Edinburgh. The tour promised a culinary trip around the fascinating country, accompanied by a few pints of Birra Moretti (obviously!).

The Edinburgh part of the tour was held at the multi-faceted Summerhall venue. The area was mapped out into Italian regions with numerous stalls serving food from all over the country. I started off my culinary tour with Sicialin arancini balls, followed by antipasti from Tuscany and paninoteca's from Umbria and finally La Favorita Campania inspired pizza. My colleagues and friends, who also came along to the event, covered a few more regions after I gave up eating. We polished it all off with gelato, espresso and more Birra Moretti. To allow you to sample a taste of Italy, the folk at La Favorita have shared one of their favourite new recipes with us....

Recipe: Mac & Cheese with Crispy Pancetta by Manuel Giacometti, Head Pizza Chef and trainer at La Favorita Delivered

La Favorita Delivereds’ mac & cheese with crispy pancetta is relatively new to their menu but already proving very popular. Treated with typical La Fav flare, an otherwise humble, yet much loved pasta dish has been elevated with fantastic Italian ingredients to make a deliciously moreish dish!

Ingredients – 1 portion
Macaroni Pasta – 180g
Double cream – 80ml
Parmesan – 50g
Mascarpone – 50g
Mature Scottish Cheddar – 100g
Cooked Crispy Pancetta – 60g
Croutons – 20g
Salt/Pepper and freshly chopped parsley to taste

1.     Gently simmer the cream in a large frying pan or saucepan, stir regularly to ensure it doesn’t burn
2.     Meanwhile, put a pan with the macaroni pasta on to boil for the recommended time
3.     As the cream simmers away, add the parmesan and allow to melt
4.     Add in the mascarpone and stir
5.     Once the mascarpone has melted add in the cheddar
6.     Drain the cooked macaroni and add to the pan with the creamy cheesy sauce
7.     Mix all of the ingredients together thoroughly and bring back to the boil
8.     Serve the ingredients with crispy pancetta, toasted croutons, fresh parmesan shavings, parsley and season to taste

Hope you are all having a lovely week...only two more days to the weekend! Ann 
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