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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Tea has a rich and chequered story. From its origins in China and its eventual expansion overseas, this leaf is inextricably linked with the cultural and political history of our world. The Dragonfly tea company has capitalised on the evocative nature of tea and created a sensory guidebook, Brewed with a View. This 'tea book' is in essence a collection of hand-crafted teas, each paired to a destination in Britain by virtue of its history and unique characteristics.

I've slowly been working my way through the 'book' and so far, my favourite is the silver needle white leaf tea. As I drank this exquisite brew, I played back the writer's imagination and reasons for pairing this tea with Wast Water in the Lake District. The views from there, across to the majestic Scafell Pike ( the cover image of this post) are not dissimilar to that of the region where the silver needle tea is cultivated in China.

Other tea pairing inspirations include Glamis Castle, Kibble Palace and Glengoyne distillery in Scotland, the  Roman baths of Bath, Ashdown Forest, Leadenhall Market in London etc. 

For more information, check out the Dragonfly tea website where you can also buy Brewed with a View for just £10.98! Far cheaper than an air or train ticket!

Hope this inspires you to put the kettle on, enjoy a nice cuppa tea and have a lovely Sunday! Ann x

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