Martin Miller's Gin Masterclass X The Last Word Saloon

Sunday, 14 February 2016

When an email from the PR folk at Martin Miller's popped into my inbox inviting me to a gin masterclass at my favourite cocktail bar in Edinburgh, I could not refuse. The event was not advertised anywhere and I did not know who was attending but as it was The Last Word Saloon this did not bother me at all. I have spent many a Saturday night sampling their fabulous cocktails (sat at my favourite cushioned window seat) and I was delighted to be going back - even if it was only a Tuesday!

That said, I delighted when I found my friend Emma from Edinbug nursing a strawberry and peppercorn gin cocktail.  Emma had not been there before and I suggested that she ask for the Last Word Revisited - my favourite and served with great showmanship at this bar.

After sampling a couple of strengths of Martin Miller's Gin (Original and 40% Westbourne) we moved on to cocktail making. I knew the evening would be a hit as The Last Word Revisited was indeed the first cocktail we 'mixed'. 

I am partial to cocktails ( especially Gin variants) as I do love the variety the offer and indeed the showmanship. I *loved* that our next cocktail was served in a light bulb no less!

 Matty Hutchison (who hosted the event) took us through the gin's history and cocktail making followed by Euan from Penhaligons who talked us through the science of flavour (although I was far more interested in his stories of Grasse - its on my list for this year!)

All this early eek cocktail sampling was beginning to take its toll and I was relieved when the folks at Bon Vivant sent us a range of canap├ęs  to keep us upright.

Overall, it was a super evening and I now know far more about Martin Miller's than I did before ( which was very little). And here's a final shot of the wonderful bar - I have tried to capture its quiet, civilised, grown-up ambience which is why I prefer to to some others in the city.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Ann x

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