Berlin -Part 1

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Berlin is a gentle giant with a dark past. It is remarkably quiet (i.e. in decibels) compared to the likes of London or Paris and vast - very vast. It is edgy yet mature and I was amazed by how polite Berliners were (even if one of them tried to con me!).

My introduction to Berlin was slightly surreal. I was on a girls weekend but the rest of the group were flying in from London  whereas I flew in to Tegel from Edinburgh. As I'd booked us in at the restaurant in the Reichstag (an excellent way to get in without queueing for hours) at a specific time, I opted for a taxi to our hotel. The very friendly driver tried to con me by charging Euro 68 (instead of Euro 20ish max).When I challenged him about this he very swiftly sped off (with his car boot wide open) and shouting that he did not need any money. I kept thinking he must have pinched something off me but I don't know for sure!

The dome at Reichstag is one of my favourite Berlin sites. It was designed by Norman Foster (and symbolises the reunification of Germany) and works incredibly well against the older Baroque-esque structure.

The Reichstag is also a great lace to start your exploration of the city - it is close to the Brandenburg Gate, The Holocaust Memorial and Tiergarten.

After a lovely tea, wine and cake break, we walked around the Reichstag before making our way to the other places mentioned nearby.

It was getting late and our final stop of the afternoon was The Holocaust Memorial - a solemn reminder of the millions of lives lost during the period. Annoyingly, there were many 'tourists' who thought it was perfectly appropriate to be taking ridiculous selfies or monkeying around the area.

Berlin is quite flat and so you can see landmarks from a fair distance. The Alexanderplatz TV tower looked arty against the pinkish-blue evening sky.

More on Berlin soon. Hope you are all having a lovely week. Ann x

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  1. I visited Berlin in 2012 and it's still not been beaten as my favourite city! Love it there. Such great photos.
    A Story of a Girl


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