Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

We've been hoping to visit Lindisfarne (of Lindisfarne Gospels fame and an important place for Celtic Christianity) for a long while but the weather, tides and our diaries just didn't seem to work in sync. The glorious weather (by Northern standards anyway) over the Easter bank holiday weekend gave us the perfect opportunity to explore the Holy Island. We studied the tide tables which provided us with a good window to explore the island - this is very important unless you don't mind being stranded for hours.

Lindisfarne is about an hour and half's drive from Edinburgh and is easily accessible by road (just a few miles off the A1) and slightly less so via train (Berwick Upon Tweed and then bus). Our drive (all the way up to the parking lot at Lindisfarne) was uneventful although it did get busier once we got to the causeway. We first explored the ruins of the ancient priory before going on a walk around the island.

Lindisfarne priory was built circa 634AD by Irish monks (led by St.Aidan) who travelled from Iona to establish a christian settlement in Northumbria. The patron saint of the North, St.Cuthbert was part of this monastic family and was originally buried here before being moved to Durham Cathedral.

It was a beautiful (alabeit slight chilly) day and we  decided (after a coffee and brunch stop in a local pub) to hike up to Lindisfarne Castle. The island is beautiful and on this sunny day the waters and the skies complimented each other in the most beautiful shades of blue.

Modern day Lindisfarne castle is a Lutyens designed building using parts that of the old Tudor fort that once stood here. It was built for Edward Hudson who was the founder and editor of Country Life. 

We explored the castle for a little while before slowly making our way back to the car - stopping very so often to take in the beautiful views.

Hope you are having a lovely week. Ann x

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