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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Given my background, I'm not a big fan of Indian restaurants in the UK as they very rarely replicate good wholesome Indian food.  Dishoom is different - it is authentic and not in a tourist trappy way and is a big hit with a lot of my London mates.  I was absolutely delighted when I heard that Dishoom was coming to Edinburgh and a blogger event (thanks Jen at LUX) meant I got to sample some of its delights before the crowds hit. That said, I've been back at Dishoom almost twice weekly with the family or friends and thought I'd share my 'insights'!

I have limited tipple opportunities these days but after sampling Dishoom's Copy Tipples, I'd much rather have them! I'm particularly partial to the Virtuous Tulsi Sour. The Dry Old Fashioned and Sober Martini are excellent too and they all use herbs that mimic the effects that alcohol have (so we were informed by the chappie that invented them)

The 'street food' offerings - vada pau, bhel and far far offered a sense of being back in India without having to deal with the chaos of Mumbai's traffic and heat.

We always order the Malabar Coffee which transports us straight back to the west coast of India. The coffee beans are sourced from Suntikoppa in Coorg - where we spent our Christmas a couple of years ago.

The Chole Bahtura was tasty although Ed was slightly disappointed by the limited puffiness of the Bhatura. That did not deter its taste. We often order the Black Dhal too with Roomali Roti ( a family favourite). However, my absolute favourite items on the menu are the Biryanis (all three are superb).The Parsi Biryani with Chicken Ruby is a spectacular combination and one that's starting to impact our monthly food spend!

There are a nice selection of desserts too. I like the sweet lassis, the gola but was slightly disappointed by the gadbad -partly because I grew up with the best gadbad in the world (look up Pabba's or Ideal Ice cream)!

If you're in Edinburgh and want to taste good Indian food in a great ambience - look no further! Hope you are all having a lovely holiday season. Ann x

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