The Hiatus and Reflections

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Hello, anybody there?

It has been rather quiet here for a wee while. But, a lot has happened in that time in the real world.

Mainly, we've been trying to get our act together as parents - tiny humans need 200% attention and as  much as I would have liked , I simply could not balance that with blogging whilst working full time outside of home too. The only spare minutes I got/get were/are spent cleaning, cooking and catching up on much needed sleep. Our closest family are several hundred (or thousand) miles away which means the only respite we get is when we pay for childcare (which we do in eye watering amounts).

We also bought our first home in Edinburgh. When we set out to buy in this beautiful city, we had absolutely no clue how brutal the property market is and how tough the closed bids system can be.  Its not about what you can afford as much as how much everyone else is able to afford i.e. a bidding war. So, after 63 different viewings, 9 bids and countless tears, we finally found a place we love.  We were one of 14 bids and top by a whisker. It had just one catch. It was a shell that needed everything doing to it. And in case you were wondering, buying a dilapidated property in central Edinburgh is just as (if not sometimes more) competitive than a ready to move in one - so we had very little spare cash.

Enter aggressive planning and construction programmes, planning and building warrant permissions, sleepless nights, a thousand phone calls, competitive tendering for each work package and lots of careful design. We went from contract completion to move in just 6 weeks!

Ed and I are still (just about) married - to each other.

All that said, I missed writing. I missed my happy place. I came here often to look at happy things from the past. And at the start of 2018, I decided I would blog again. Slowly.

The content will now include interiors (as that's what we've done pretty much all the time since last summer), more home cooking of the world food variety (as we are too broke to travel or eat out often), frugal fashion (I hardly buy clothes for myself now), some dining out (lunchtime deals are great) and occasionally (maybe), some reflections on being a parent.

Does that sound like a plan? Those of who that still visit me (Google analytics tells me my audience hasn't all gone), what would you like to see? Ann xx


  1. Oooo, I would love to see your quirky interior design ideas. Welcome back.


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